Sleep Neuro Lab Office Hours: You can join this zoom link with Dr. Michelle Carr weekly on Thursdays from 1:00-2:00pm ET. Email Dr. Carr @

Engineering  Lab Office Hours: These are flexible based on need, and will become regular office hours when projects ramp up. For now email Eyal and Aby to set times. 

Project Brainstorming Time with Adam Weekly Tuesdays 2:00-3:00. You can sign up here.

  2.1.22: Introduction + Sleep Science

  2.8.22: Dream Science

  • Lecturers: Dr. Michelle Carr, Dario Robleto
  • Readings: Dreaming and the Brain: from phenomenology to neurophysiology (Nir, Tononi 2010)
  • Assignment: Capture a dream of yours. Consider carefully what it means to bring your dream into the material world, to remember it, to share it with others, in the context of these readings. Will you show us a waveform, a drawing, a sound or a stone? Be prepared to share your dream in class, if comfortable. Upload your assignment here (if it is not digital, document it in some way and upload documentation).
  • Zoom Recording: Here

  2.15.22: Dream Incubation + N1

  2.22.22: Spring Break

  • Rest up. Choose your lullaby carefully.
  • On Feb. 25 there is an interesting talk on Sleep and Sound, for those of you interested in sonifying EEG data or making music for unconscious crowds: Register here

  3.1.22: Altering Memories In Sleep

  3.8.22: Implementing Sleep Science for Good

 3.15.22 Project Proposals Due

  • Assignment: We’ve had some weeks to think through initial project ideas. This is your chance to make the first mockup. What you hand in should help the instructors feel your idea, not just understand it. We will spend all of this class thinking through these feelings and ideas together. 
  • Submission Link Here
  • Zoom recording here

 3.22.22 Spring Break

 3.29.22 Building Sleep Interfaces for the Body

 4.5.22: Alternate Epistemologies: Dreams and the Dreaming

  4.12.22 Lucid Dreaming

  4.19.22 Dreams, Nightmares, Traumas, Addictions

  • Lecturers: Dr. Judith Amores
  • Assignment:
    • Only assignment is to do the reading and have some questions ready for Dr. Amores, and other than that just prepare for your interim project presentation. Make sure to pilot your projects so we get some dream + sleep data to discuss for each of them.

  4.26.22 Interim Project Presentation 11 am

  • For this presentation you should have a realized project that can get feedback and get refined by 5.10. Some real sleep and dream data, some experiences for us to try!
  • By this time you should have had one person who is not in your group experience your project/prototype.
  • If you have slides, please submit them here

5.3.22: Dreaming of Light Beer: Dream Engineering Ethics

  • Group Discussion:
    • This class discussion will be about what a Dream is, and in turn how we must protect dreams and dreamers. Your assignments and the readings will be our inspiration for discussing ethics.
  • Reading:
  • Assignment:
    • Hand in one page with a) an image and b) a short written definition of what ‘A Dream is’ to you. Please make these as thoughtful and personal as you can.
      • This semester we have seen dreams as relevant clinical markers (Dr. Azizi Seixas), as intensified mind wandering (Dr. Thomas Andrillon), as memories evolving in real time (Dr. Bob Stickgold), as cultural symbols and carriers for intergenerational stories (Dr. Matthew Spellberg), as intervention opportunities for trauma and nightmares (Dr. Judith Amores and Dr. Michelle Carr), as bridges to communicate across levels of consciousness (Karen Konkoly), as unusually personal traces of medical history (Dario Robleto). So…What is a dream? 
        • Your pages will be collected, along with submissions from outside artists (Ian Cheng, Agnieszka Kurant, Carsten Höller) and all of our amazing class speakers (scientists and artists) into a booklet of the many things ‘A dream is’ and can be. This will be our artifact together.
        • Examples and Submission Page Here. Format like the other slides please.

 5.10.22 Final Project Presentations @7:00 pm

  • We will not meet at 11-1 today, only at 7 pm, on floor 5 of the Media lab
    • For your final project, we will:
      • a) show your work ‘science fair’ style to each other May 10 @ 7pm
      • b) hand in a final write up of your data, process, prototypes, May 12 @ 12 pm. This can be in the form of a paper, a presentation, a poster — but importantly something which somebody new to the work can understand. UPLOAD Link Here.
        • This combined written component and presentation component will make up your project grade
  • Due Dates:
    • Presentation is May 10 @ 7:00 pm. 
    • Write-up is May 12 @ 12:00 pm (grades due May 13, this gives us time to read)
    • And anytime this last week, please tell us your thoughts about the course here. We’d love to teach it again, and know what to keep and what to change.